Hardware Design

Our approach to hardware design varies appreciably depending on the requirements of the client.

Some clients know exactly what they want from a product. They know exactly how every part is expected to behave, the appearance, size, shape etc. In such circumstances, our role is purely one of implementation. We translate the client's specification into a working product.

Other clients may only have a rough concept of what they require and rely on us to put our own interpretation on the product, putting forward proposals for their comment before going forward with the design.

We can provide designs for circuit boards for a product which is then supplied to our clients who handle the packaging. We can also provide packaging as well, thus providing a turnkey solution if required. Even if we are not directly involved with the production of packaging, we will often be involved in an advisory status to ensure requirements such as good EMC practice are implemented.

Once a product has been designed, we can produce prototype units, initial production runs, or supply batches of the product on an ongoing basis.